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About Mini Me Crafts | General InfoIn 2010, MiniMeCrafts.Com (MMCC) was born in a dream of sleep. As a veteran science teacher, Girl Scout leader, and mom, I spend lots of time in craft, discount, and grocery stores looking for the materials I need to create and conduct laboratories, activities, crafts, and party favors with my middle school students, girl scouts, and daughter and her friends. With lots of original ideas for projects with youth, I am often in search of low-cost, high-quality materials. In my searches, I’ve run into the following obstacles:

1) store (brick-and-mortar or on-line) has one material, but not another; 2) store has material, but not enough; 3) store has material but more than needed in its smallest packaging; 4) on-line store has material but shipping and “handling” charges make the material cost-prohibitive; 5) on-line store has material but cannot send in time for project; 6) even when all materials are finally located and acquired, preparation is time consuming and leftover materials often have no use.

Most of the money for my classroom, troop, and personal projects come from the family budget. I can’t possibly be the only person wasting limited money and precious time in search of materials. The bottom line, why not market my own ideas, in the form of individual party favors, gifts, and craft kits to like-minded teachers, leaders, and parents? My products include all the materials necessary to complete the project with no wasted trips, no leftovers, and no shipping and “handling” charges. In addition, materials are prepped, sorted, and packaged for individual use, as a service to customers.

My dream of sleep has grown into a new personal challenge and creative outlet. As if I wasn’t busy enough with all the hats I wear, I’ve now added “business woman” to my daily roles and responsibilities. However, I do so happily.

Why the Name? Well, the answer to this question may be obvious after viewing the photo on the home page, but here is some additional background. My daughter, Samantha, looks a great deal like a younger (much younger!) version of me. When she was born, my husband started to wonder if any of his genetic material went into her creation! Samantha has always looked just like her momma, but she has so many great qualities of her father, like his artistic talent and easy-going nature. We hear it all the time. “Your daughter looks just like you!” She is certainly my “mini me” in looks and in her love for crafting. Mini Me Crafts came to me in a dream, and I never even thought about using another name for my crafting business. Samantha is my champion, product tester, and model. She also happens to be the best daughter for which a mother could ever ask!